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Thermal imaging technology allows our mold test technicians to see more than the naked eye allows, letting us find or confirm the presence of moisture, If there is mold in the home then there is moisture, mold cannot live without it. With thermal imaging we can track down the source of a plumbing leak or find moisture is still lingering behind a wall or carpet.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering thermal imaging without proper licensing and certifications, If a thermal imaging test is not performed by a proper technician the results can not be trusted to be accurate.

Las Vegas Mold Test has proven results for setting exceptional standards in mold testing and thermal imaging in the Las Vegas area.

Thermal Imaging Details

Model Used Our Technicians are equiped with C2 and E4 thermal imaging cameras produced by FLIR technology
Temperature Sensativy within 0.15°C
Certified? Yes
Analysis Time 10-60 Minutes


The technicians at Las Vegas Mold Test are highly trained and have a combined experience of over 12+ years in building & mold inspection services..

  • We combine Quality, Independent Lab Reports, Superior Knowledge and Low Prices
  • We Can Ensure an Inspection is Done Quickly and Affordably
  • Over 12+ Years Experience and a Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction


  • Why does a mold inspection cost so much?

    A mold inspector should be certified and held accountable for his testing results and procedure.  This requires training, experience and the proper sampling materials, equipment and chain of custody.  Each mold sampling cassette is used once per test area and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  A typical home requires 3 testing cassettes.  The lab charges for each sample so the costs are substantial. We use a local lab (that we drive to) to eliminate shipping costs.  We are very competitive with our pricing and do offer a $25 discount when ordering a home inspection through our affiliated company, Bridge Home Inspections at the same time as the mold test.  We would send a State certified Home Inspector who is also certified to do mold testing so he could perform both services at the same time (saves us money so we pass that on to you).

  • how long does a mold test take?

    A typical 3 sample test in a single family home takes about 40 minutes on-site.  Additional sample ares would take about 10 minutes each.

  • When will I get the report?

    As soon as 24 hours after we drop off the mold samples at the lab.  So, if we do your mold testing at 12:00 and are able to drive directly to the lab, we should have your results by the next afternoon.  If we do the testing at 4:00 or later, we wouldn’t be able to get the samples to the lab until the following day so the results would be delayed a day.  The lab does have an expedited service available for an additional fee if more rapid turn-around times are needed.

  • Is a mold inspection really worth it?

    Mold can be a cause of allergies and can in some cases cause severe health issues for those who are allergic but like a peanut allergy, people without an allergy would be less likely to be affected. The average person will be alright if exposed to small amounts but children, the elderly or the sick should avoid mold if given the chance.

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